Tata docomo unnecessary harrasing

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Tata Indicom


My name is jogender Saini. I had one land line from TATA indicom in 2008. I immediately closed the connection in one month after since they were not giving me the promised service. After that i handed over the Set back to the company and settled the account. They have written on the settlement slip that no dues left. Then after a year i received a legal notice from some lawyer saying that they are going to court for my dues with the company. I told that lawyer that i have the letter and i can show you that i have no dues left. Then at that time the matter was solved and i was ensured that i will not be harassed again for this issue. Again after a year i received other such letter from a lawyer and again i presented that receipt and they again ensured that i will not be harassed again.

Now recently a call came to me on 27/08/2012 saying that we are going to court for your due with tata indicom. This is too much. Although i dont know whether after 4-years i will be able to trace that slip again or not. But if they have genuine problem and if they were not satisfied with the slip earlier they why they dont reacted in last two occasions when they did similar things. This only means that they were waiting that when the customer will loose their slip. This is ridiculous that big companay like TATA is doing like that.

After these many years i didnt know my account no so i asked lawyer that what is my account no and he gave me my account no .803176666 which even i dont know belongs to me or not. Their site dosent show the amount i have already given to them.

Can somebody suggest what should i do since i am very sure that i may not be able to find that slip after so many years.

Jogender Saini

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