Tata Docomo Automatic Balance Deduction!

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

Taking Tata Docomo is a big mistake. I am a prepaid user. Every month, I get a call from a Docomo automated number which I do not pickup. Once the call is cut, I receive an SMS saying that my caller tunes have been activated and a song has been downloaded. Rs.45 automatically gets deducted from my balance. I have screenshots as proof for the same.

This has been happening every month for the past 3-4 months. Everytime I have to write an email and ask for refund. This month (September), it happened twice. I was charged Rs.45 two times in a span of 10 days. For both I lodged a compaint separately. The first complain was ignored completely. The 2nd has just been resolved after a week. In total I have received a refund of Rs.45 out of Rs.90.

Apart from this issue, there is another balance deduction. I use blackberry service Rs.399 which entitle me for free surfing, as mentioned on the Docomo website. Almost every day, atleast 4-5 times, I get a popup that says “You have been charged for your last internet transaction.” This amount goes from Rs.0.10 upto Rs.0.60 and sometimes Rs.1.20 per message, whether I surf the internet (which is anyways free in my plan) or even if I dont surf it! Complains have been lodged regularly for the same since more than 6 months and there has been no resolution yet.

I have been speaking with Tata Docomo executives via phone, email or their web chat regularly every month for some or the other issue.

I advice people to be careful while taking a Tata Docomo connection. Apart from the network issues and call cuts (regular with all networks) there are many other hidden charges with Tata Docomo, which if not checked can take away all your balance. The service is not at all “Simple” as they portray, its only “Silly”.

I have screenshots for the above issues. If any one needs any kind of proof, kindly ask for the same on my email: [email protected]

Hope these are sorted soon. Until then, please do not go for such a connection.

Thanks and Regards
Praneet Tulshyan

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