Tata communications broadband:Fraud in internet usage

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Tata communications broadband

Dear sir/madam,

I have bought a new tata communication broadband on 3rd May 2012 with plan 799 power 6000 with id:[email protected] and paid to make it serve 4 Mbps speed and unlimited night usage. I already paid for the plan including 4 months(That is the biggest mistake of my life) and after using it for sometime, a wrong bill was issued around 11k which did not include unlimited free night usage and my internet connection was cut down on 15th May.

When I spoke to the customer service representatives, they agreed that a wrong bill has been issued and they will resume my connection within 24 hours. My complaint number is 14615774.

Its been more than 7 days, but nothing has been resolved.Also,I have called their customer care around 10 times a day(They put me on hold for a very long duration each time i call them,who’s gonna pay for the phone bill) and each time i have been said the same thing that my issue would be resolved in 24 hours. Thia has been promised even by the floor managers of their customer care I am a working professional and need internet in order to work my pay is getting effected, who is gonna pay for it? I am definitely going to sue the service for fraud in this case.Each time i am saying that i want to disconnect my internet service i don’t want the connection anymore but no one is ready to return my money.It’s for all other people who are thinking to have Tata communication broadband service as they are a fake company,even the manager tell me that if i have enabled night plan then i have to disconnect every time before 9pm(when night plan starts) else again this will be counted in the bill.So, is it our job to disconnect every time before 9 due to their faulty system..?
Please help and let me get my money back from this fraud company.

I got an after update after calling customer care twice in a day, that i need to pay the charge for all the bill generated i havn’t used.There was a call from technical team the lady was saying that the night plan works differently in tata communications that if you are using 10GB in night unlimited for example 8hrs and 200mb in day time for 3 hrs then the amount will be average of the total GB downloaded divided by the session(the time i am connected to internet).so it doesnt matter whether i download most in night and less in the day time as it will be divided on average.

I know that it’s your choice that which connection do you want.But i don’t want any one to face the situation i am facing now.I have all the proof with screenshot that how they have charged per session due to their faulty system that doesn’t differentiate between how much i have downloaded in night and how much in morning.

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