Tata Cliq Delivered me a used shaver set

Tata Cliq Delivered me a used shaver set. The Tata Cliq’s package box was perfect and not broken. But when I opened it, box inside was opened and used. I could see the hair was still in the box. I also felt this intensional, as I have already complained about the product speed to their delivery partner “DELHIVERY”. So I don’t understand who has the actual responsibility of this case. I trusted Tata products for years, and this incident has changed everything. I even registered a complaint at Tata Cliq with Ref. No. 4004219328 . The order number was 18065-002-412105 on 25 June 2018. I was so disappointed with the delivery time already, but the final product made me understand the professionalism of Tata Cliq approach to the market. And now it’s a good bye from a trusted buyer to TATA.

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