Tarrif unJustifiable

Location/place: Saptagiri Colony Nanal Nagar

Name of company/service: APCPDCL Central Circle Langer House

We demand to justice about tarrif of electricity consumption charges. Current charges are unjustifiable. for example: the charges mentioned on bills are 1 to 50 U -1.45, 51 to 100 U-2.80, 101 to 200 U-3.05, 200 to 300 U-4.75 (How they calculate? if suppose i get the meter reading 241 U this month, they are charging me all units by crosponding to 200 -300U ie. 4.75, which is totally unjustifiable/not acceptable. they should charge accordingly 1 -50U 1.45 then 51-100U 2.80 and 101 -200U 3.05 and 201 to 241 4.75. we need your support to take up this matter, and provide us justice for Consumer confidence and satisfication.

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