Tanzania Corporation a Fraudulent company

Tanzania Corporation having its office at EFC India, 17th Floor, Cyber One, Vashi, Navi Mumbai had published in papers offering their services of assigning cars to corporate office / call centers. I had visited then 3-4 times and discussed with them. I had provided them with full information of my vehicle to the representative. Based on this information the representative informed me that I will be getting as business 24×7 with minimum commitment of 250 kms per 12 hour shift per day @ Rs 9.50 per km. This whole thing would document in an agreement was confirmed by the representative. I had asked for the draft of the agreement which they kept on refusing that the agreement copy would be provided after receipt of payment of Rs 8850/-. After discussing this for almost during 3-4 visits I was made to pay a sum of Rs 8850/- as processing charges. After the payment they directed me to their vendor at G-Corp saying that the vendor will provide the agreement. On meeting the vendor, the vendor informed me that the rate will be Rs 8.50 per km and not 9.50 as communicated. I contacted Tanzania Corporation and I was informed that the representative who had been interacting with me had by oversight given me wrong information and was no more in the organisation. I asked them to refund the processing fee of Rs 8850/- paid by me as they were unable fulfill the commitment which they refused saying that it is non-refundable. I have been following with for last 5 months but they have not been refunding the money paid by me.

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