Tanzania Corporation a Fraudulent company

Tanzania Corporation, having its office at EFC India, 17th floor, Cyber 1, Sector 30, Near CIDCO Exhibition center, Greenscape Building, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, had advertised in the paper that they were offering Car attachment services. I had approached them to understand the features. I met Deepali the representative in their office and gave my car’s information that I am having Tata Indica Diesel model car. She informed me the features that they would attach the car with one of their associated call center in New Mumbai or at Thane. The service can be run 24 x 7 and throughout the month. For 12 hour shift I would get running for 250 KM and the per KM rate would be Rs 9.50. This would be incorporated in their agreement was confirmed. For this service they wanted me to pay a fee of Rs 8850/- (including GST) as one time. Subsequently I went to their office twice to re-ascertain and at that time also she ascertained as above. I had asked for the copy of agreement which they refused to share as it was against their policy.
I finally decided to make the payment and made the payment of Rs 8850/- on 02.07.2018 vide cheque No. 402118. The same has been encashed on 05.7.2018. Even after I gave the cheque on 02.07.2018 I asked for the agreement copy was not given they said that would be given by the assigned vendor. I went to the assigned vendor for getting my vehicle attached and from them I came to know that they would pay me only Rs 8/- for non-A/c and Rs 8.50 for A/c. This is not what I was informed by the office.

I called up the office and at that time I was informed that Deepali who had interacted with with me was no more working with them. Ms Fiza came on line and informed me that there was mistake that Deepali had committed and my vehicle would get what the assigned vendor had informed. I was not interested in the said deal and I informed that they should refund me my money i.e. Rs 8850/- as they were backing out of the commitment. First they refused to refund me the amount, as per them it was non-refundable. Subsequently on constant follow-up they have agreed to pay back 40% of the amount excluding GST. They are trying to forfeit the 60%+GST for a mistake committed by their office.

I spoke to their Director Mr Arshi. Initially he said that new contract is going to be finalised in a month and he would offer me the above features. I asked him to give in writing which he refused. Hence I once again demanded my money back but they are stuck with the same offer of 40% excluding GST.

I want my full refund of Rs 8850/- as they have failed in their commitment and they cannot penalize me for their office mistake. Hence you are requested to help me in getting back my money.

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