Talento group/Dragon institute of professionals FRAUD

National institute of professionals, recently renamed Dragon Institute of professionals, as well as all other companies under Talento group of companies are frauds. They charge their candidates at least 50000-60000 and promise placement in airlines and banking verticals within 10 working days, or money will be refunded. In reality, they never provide jobs. They charge money from the poorest of the poor, naive and simple minded people, through the most inhuman mental pressurization but don’t provide placements. They don’t even refund the money. They keep delaying candidates who want refund.
And not just their customers, they don’t even pay their employees. They nake people work for them and after a month, fire them for no justified reason and no salary payment. They don’t have a glassdoor account because they fear bad reviews. They have mastered ninja techniques to cheat poor needy people. They are disgusting human beings altogether, with an in-born talent to lie to people and deceive them. The owner is Biplab Kumar Sinha, the greatest thief. Next in command, Neha Gupta, a master liar. Third in command, winnie mukherjee, a champion level fraud with the common sense of a wild donkey.
My friends, they have multiple branches at barasat, salt lake, sector 5, tollygunge, kasba, mecheda, baguihati, etc etc. whenever you get a call from them, or see an ad posted by them, do not call if you value your hard earned money. I lost my life’s savings because they scammed me. I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone else.

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