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6 months back, I registered in the website for their Free Service, looking alliance for my Niece.

My Registration No. is ‘KAH104683’.

They have sent thousands of profiles so far, but except two profiles sent by them last week none of them were matching.

Those two profiles are: (1) naveen (KAH104065) (2) Achutha (KAH104300).
Yesterday evening (20-June-2012), I spoke to their Customer Care and I was told that if I become a paid member, I’ll get the Telephone Numbers of the above two profiles.

So I made the payment of Rs.2990 using Credit Card.

After making the payment, when I Logged In, I was unable to see the telephone numbers of these two profiles. When I contacted their Customer Care, I was told that Profile No.naveen (KAH104065) is not interested in sharing the telephone number. And Profile
No.Achutha (KAH104300) is not picking the phone.

And I made a complaint. The complaint number is: CBS5267290.

Today they have replied as below:


We have checked and found that the members “KAH104065” and “KAH104300” have fixed their marriage and we have removed their profiles from our website.

Further, we regret to inform you that as per our terms and conditions we do not have the option to refund the payment.

Hence, we request you to kindly login to your profile by using the user name and password to communicate with your interested profiles based on your community to proceed further.

Should you require any further clarifications or assistance, please reply to us via email to [email protected] or call us at 1-800-3000-2222


While using their Free Service itself I realised that 99.99% of their profiles are not useful to me. Since because the above two profiles were good and their Customer Service confirmed to me that once I make the payment, I’ll be given the contact numbers of these two profiles, I made the payment.

Now they have not fulfilled their promise. And the remaining profiles in their website are not useful to me, I’m asking for a full refund.

Please help me to get the refund.


RadhaKrishnan. R
email: [email protected]

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