Taken Rs. 850/-, A/c got blocked in 1 day, site is not opening & no one responds to calls

I paid Rs. 850/- on 11th Feb. 2020 at 6 pm for online form filling work. I got a/c at 7 pm and site is not responded post just filled up 1 form. My a/c got blocked today on 12th feb by admin.
While opening website :
Error is didn’t send any data.
I enrolled yesterday and my a/c is blocked today.
above site is down since long time with error: is unreachable.
No one picks up the call, that lady told I can call till 7.30pm. Now it’s 5.30pm, no one responds on their mobiles.
1. Upgradation is not possible from the lower plan to a higher plan. 2. YOu can’t reset password in 2. Only 1 form you can fill up, but not 2nd form onwards. 3. You will keep getting errors while submitting for 2nd form 4. every time it will log you out while refreshing error page 5. No support post 7.30 pm 6. Their demo site is a dummy, dead and dust site, every button is dead 7. site is not secured(SSL) 8. site is not programmed correctly. 9. is the most fraud and cheating website in the whole world
phone no 10. this website is not secured with SSL 11. THere are only 2 employees who manage everything but don’t respond to calls and emails since hours and days.

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