T24 recharge not received since feb 12 of amount 660…

Location/place: Agra

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo/ T24

Due to your employees unhelpful attitude since feb 12, here in Agra, we are made to email our problem…

Here in Agra in Big Bazaar in feb12 there was sum scheme going on in which we did shopping and as we have T24 sim, it was assumed the free talktime will automatically come in our sim but till date it has not come.

Almost every sat we kept on asking them to tell the reason why its not coming they always say the servers are down and dont worry it will come automatically, its safe with T24…
Every time i called up to ask the girl there(Sangeeta) always assured me and even made me buy a second sim saying that your talktime will come in the new sim…
But this also dint happ..

4/5 dayz back very arrogantly she says this is not such a big amount ki you are daily asking for it and even now this amount wont be given as talktime in any of your sims, T24 policy has changed…

And now we feel cheated, as i’m asking for my free earned talktime since feb 12 not in may 12…

And when we emailed our complaint to the appellate in tatadocomo on 11th may 2012 and 14th may 2012 they assured me on fone that the recharge will be credited on my sim by 19th may 2012 but till date it hasnt been done and now today when i again emailed and called up to ask abt it they simple say tell me the complaint has been closed…

enclosed below is the email i mailed to T24 people on 20th may 2012…..

With great regret, i would like to say that even the appellate thing doesnt work in Tatadocomo , hence now we are forced to move to consumer forum…

we have been emailing and even calling on Sum Mr. Ajay ‘s number 7428976296 after we were told that we will with their so called great efforts get our T24 recharge in 7 days and that was told to us on 19th May 2012…
they have verified our agra address, even they confirmed the sim number which is on the back side…
even today we called at the given number, but no one even cared to receive the call…
But now no one is responding back to even the calls…

details of the bills for which recharge is still awaited…

T24 mobile number — 8791618298
store city… Agra
Store name… Big Bazaar
As there are 7 pending bills whose free talktime we are still waiting to get and also there are 2 big bazaar stores here in Agra… so the details are as follows…

1. Date— 25/02/2012
Till no— 7
Tr No— 16081
Invoice No—- 0133094
Bill Amount— 4544
Free Talktime— 150
Time— 20:44
Cashier— Mohit Gaur
store branch— Delhi Gate

2. Date— 25/02/2012
Till no— 13
Tr no— 3208
Invoice No— 0001690
Bill Amount—574
Free Talktime— 10
Time— 21:20
Cashier— Yatendra
store branch— Delhi Gate

3. Date— 26/02/2012
Till no— 9
Tr no— 11953
Invoice No— 0006949
Bill Amount—1896
Free Talktime— 35
Time— 16;04
Cashier— Raja Khan
store branch—Pacific Taj Mall

4. Date— 26/02/2012
Till no— 9
Tr no— 11954
Invoice No— 0006950
Bill Amount– 7847.15
Free Talktime— 150
Time— 16:10
Cashier— Raja Khan
store branch—Pacific Taj Mall

5.Date— 28/02/2012
Till no— 21
Tr no— 6287
Invoice No— 0004656
Bill Amount—9140
Free Talktime— 150
Time— 20;10
Cashier—Amit Kumar
store branch— Delhi Gate

6 .Date— 29/02/2012
Till no— 9
Tr no— 12481
Invoice No— 0007282
Bill Amount— 1071
Free Talktime— 15
Time— 20:38
Cashier— Raja Khan
store branch— Pacific Taj Mall

7. Date— 29/02/2012
Till no— 9
Tr no— 12483
Invoice No— 0007283
Bill Amount— 5030
Free Talktime— 150
Time— 20:45
Cashier— Raja Khan
store branch— Pacific Taj Mall

Hope for a positive response…

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