Symphany Worse Company Ever For Service

Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: Symphany

Gaurav Jetly
M: 9873378030

Modal No: 10A5512E16560
Name: H! Cool Smart

Service is really poor for Symphony. Its only one month and they can not provide good service.

First Call: 7-6-2012
When I logged a complaint on 07/06/2012 then I received a message on 08/06/2012 that, your call number is DDP-8F12011. From Symphony Mr Mob- 9555603122 will contact you within 24 hours.

However, no one comes.

Second Call: 13-6-2012
I received message on 14/06/2012 Your call no is DDP-14F12012. From Symphony Mr. Mob: 9555603122 will contact you in 24 hours.

However, no one contact me.

Still waiting for the service If they can not do that, then please refund my money.

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