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Location/place: Chandigarh

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My father ordered a watch for me Tommy Hilfiger Analog Watch – For Men from, now he did not check this sites background. They charged Rs. 999 from his account as he went through online banking. Placed the order online on 10Sept. He told me and I made a check about the company and I was amazed to see that this company has been cheating hard working Indians all accross the company. I learnt what this company does is it puts items on heavy discounts and when people order they then send the a email confirmation WITHOUT ORDER NUMBER. They just write your Order number … Nw customer is suppose to receive the item in 7-8 working days and then they send an email that item is out of stock. Then they tell the customer that according to their policy items purchased on discount can not be refunded so you can buy something else for same price. Other items are really expensive as compared to other sit. This is exactly what they just did to me. I just got an email today from them that item is out of stock. This site does not have a Landline number and they never answer the mobile numbers mentioned. Then when someone complaints they ask for the order number which they do not mention in the confirmation email. How can the customer know?

Their second way of cheating people is that they tell people you can win a Iphone for rs399 and people send money which they never tell them that they have won, and when people beg they ask them to buy something fr same amount and they never send that. HOW IS THIS GOING ON AD WHY IS THERE NO ACTION AGAINST THEM? HOW IS THIS SCAM GOING ON?

I want my money back or the watch or I want these people ARRESTED. My Father is also looking it up legally.

Also how can we get this site down and get these people Arrested?

Here is the order confirmation I received without ORDER NUMBER.

Dear Tanvir Jindal,

Thank you for shopping with us..
We will be shipping you the product for the below mentioned address.
Your order as follows:

Slno Product Price Quantity Total
1 Tommy Hilfiger Analog Watch – For Men 999 1 999
Grand Total : 999
Address: no3300 sactor-50D sargodha society
Phone: 9779800035
Email : [email protected]

Note: Your username and password has been sent to your email id

We will be sending you the product,Same will reach you in 7-10 working days.Your order number is …

NOTE : Your username and password has been sent to your email id..

Customer Care :
Contact Number : 08065703741, 08065363111
Email : [email protected]

Svaiza Customer care


Their email today-

From: “[email protected]
To: Tanvir Jindal
Sent: Saturday, 15 September 2012 5:31 PM
Subject: RE: Order Ststus

Dear sir,

we will send you the same product but stock will be available on next week so we will dispatch the product by next week.

thanks & regards

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