Suzuki Access 125 stopping all of a sudden on road in heavy traffic & engine oil burning

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd.

I had purchased the Suzuki Access 125 in Dec-2009(i.e. end of the year). This scooter was running fine till beginning of last year i.e. 2011 (i.e. it ran well for aprrox. 1-1.5 year).During this time period – it ran about approx. 4000kms.
But later (from 2011 mid) it started giving problem of Engine stopping & that too while driving on the heavy traffic road. The scooter use to simply stop without any clue even if it was running fine for some distance.
More importantly after this I was not even able to start the vehicle using button as well as kick start.There was an incident wherein I was almost about to get hit from speeding car from back.
It took time for nearest Suzuki Service station(kalewadi Phata branch) to investigate the problem. In fact they couldn’t find the root cause. So i went to the main branch where i purchased i.e Shiv Auto Riders,Chinchwad (Pune). They fixed the problem by changing some cylinder head valves & other parts. Since by this time it was out of warranty, i paid it happily. This was in March-2012. It ran well for some time, but when i was planning to change engine oil during July-2012, i was told by mechanic that the there was very less engine oil left.This was a shock for me.
After refilling the oil, i monitored the levels to avoid the chances of theft or leakage. But finally it was evident that it was burning inside engine within 2-3 weeks time.
When consulted the Shiv Auto Riders,Chinchwad, they said this is happening due to “BAD QUALITY OF PETROL”.
When i tried to tell them that, i use my vehicle very less & also fill petrol normally like how others do.
But they were adamant & showed least responsibility towards what happened tpo my scooter because of bad fixing of problem OR maybe be BAD engine originally supplied.
My points are –
1.Major concern – The problem of engine oil consumption originated ONLY after the service center corrected the problem of sudden halt of engine(Mar12)
2.Major Concern – There was no proper justification for Engine Halt issue (Why did it happened at first place to such a new, less running, regularly serviced bike ?)
3.Major Concern – How is it possible that the valves of the engine getting bent automatically after using just for a year or so (that too very less usage – avg 4000km/yr)?
4.I’m using the same petrol since the time I own the vehicle
5.I was using same petrol in this vehicle & in my car. All of friends & neighbors are filling from the same gas station like HP, Indian Oil.
6.How is it possible that , the quality of petrol is affecting only for certain vehicles? (Unlucky like me)
7.How is it possible that, engine starts consuming engine oil only after the valves are changed?
8.Why the quality of petrol came into picture now ?
9.Major Concern – If at all the quality of petrol is affecting the engine then does Suzuki as a company saying that all of their vehicles are not fit for the standard petrol which we get from pumps.

I tried to search for similar complaints like mine on internet.
Earlier I use to think that I’m alone, but I realized that it’s an inherited issue for atleast Suzuki Access 125.Maybe it does not happen to everybody but I fall under the category of unlucky people who are facing this problem.Interesting point in all these complaints is that the time period reported is matching with my time period. So I think there was complete batch of vehicle with faulty engine.

Customer care of Suzuki Motorcycle does not exists at all. No contact number. Emails not responded back.

Looking forward for some positive action from the Suzuki Motorcycle Ltd. as a company & solve my problem. Please send any communication on my email.

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