surrender of the policy(14589983)

Location/place: jaipur


sir in oct 2010,I went along with rs 50000 in icici bank Jhotwara road near dhoodh mandi jaipur (raj) .met with mr Rajan ji(8107862923) asst manager.I told to invest my rs 50000 for six month/ one year short duration. he called mr rasul mohd(9829072662) sales person. mr rasul mohd taken rs 50000 from me and confirm me to invest in short term policy for six rasul mohd filled up the form for one year duration and taken sig from me.after that when I received the bond ,I came to know that mr rasul mohd given me policy for cash back for 15 years for rs 50000 annually.I was surprized for this.same time I met with mr rajan ji,rasul mohd and mr pandey ji branch manager of icici bank jhotwara road and same time I refused to take it,and ask them why this policy was changed from short duration to 15 years duration without my permission.sir this is the cheating and froad cash ,why they have made fool of the customer they also did not tell me clearly about the policy and misguide me for achieveing the target the sales person mr rasul mohd and mr rajan misguide me and open the cash back policy instead of short term duration policy. then they have convienced me to run this policy at least for 3 years after that you will get rs 1 lac 85 thousand.after believing on them I deposied the primium rs 50000 for nov 2011.when I went for depositing my third primium and met with mr deepak ji . I told mr deepak ji that after depositing this amount I will withdraw my ploicy after three year. then he told me that after third year in nov 2013 you will get only rs 35000.I was shocked after receiving this Deepak,and he guided me for detail quiry you can visit to prestige tower vashali nagar jaipur.then in oct last I went to vaishali nagr and met mr ritesh srivastav (9314106755).he ask me to give in written application ,same time I wrote the application and handed over to him..For confirmation again I went to vashali nagar on 3 nov 2012 met to mr ritesh srivastav ji ask about my application ,but he did not forawarded my application to his senior.the I went to reception counter and met mr sourabh jain ji he also ask me to give in written, then I wrote the application and deposited to him same time he told me that reply will come with in 10 days,after 10 ten days I called in customer care on toll free no 18602667766.the reply came that your application is not accepted.and continue with your policy.sir I am an exserviceman having three chidren ,depending on my pension and not having any job . I have to do my daughters marriage.more over I am unable to deposit the rs 50000 annually.I dont want to continue with this policy I want back my 100000 rs and same time seviour action may be taken against above said employees who have misguided are requested to give my money back.

pls find following information
1.Policy Number – 14589983
2.Name of the plan – cashback
3.Face amount of the policy – 513.700.00
4.Effective date of the policy – 19/10/2010
5.Premium paying terms (Single premium/annual/half yearly/quarterly/monthly) – annualy
6.Premium amount – 49.483.00
7.Cost of damage – 100000.00
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