Supplied micromax fake mobile by Flipcart

I purchased a micromax mobile from flipcart on 30 Jun 2017. In May 2018 the software shown problem and authorized service center denied service as they can’t access the software. On enquiring with flipcart they directed me to micromax.
Micromax told it is a counterfiet product after checking the invoice, mobile serial number, product packet and IMEI numbers.

Supplier tells give to an outside shop for service and they will pay for it. That means they knows the product is not original.

After informing this to flip cart till 4 days back they call me daily asking 24 hours more to solve the issue. I raised my doubt regarding the warranty, they told once complaint was initiated in warranty period, there is no issue of expiring warranty.

Today they called me and telling the warranty is already expired and can’t do anything

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