Sun Direct is not providing the service eventhough I paid money

Location/place: Rammurthy nagar/Bangalore

Name of company/service: Sundirect/Card activation issue

I’m Amarnath using the sundirect. We have got this connection of late and we have paid the money for this new card. Since it was not activated the service provider who came to our house has taken our card and gave the alternative card saying he’ll activate my original card and give with in two days. However it’s been two weeks now he has neither returned our own card with activation and nor receiving my call for providing details.

The alternative card is also expired and now i’m not able to use anykind of service from Sundirect.

Could you kindly interfere and help me in getting this service or to get my money back.

The contact of service provider: +91-9844164433–Satish

Thank you
Best regards,
Amarnath Reddy

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