Sulekha Deals is a Fraud! Let’s close them!

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service:

I ordered camera Canon Powershot S100 from on 1st of June. Today is 25th of June. Customer support constantly claiming in to be shipped on 11th (without ANY update in the system and without ANY delivery phone number or tracking number). Every call I’m told that “We’ll contact to our Logistics Team later, now it’s not possible, they are on lunch / it’s the end of the day / it’s just not possible now.” On the request to talk to manager I’m usually told that he is not available or, again, at lunch or leave or meeting.
It’s very clear that that shop (at least regarding my order and many others according to the internet) is complete fraud and deception and whole personnel is very aware of that. I’ve been told that refund is available in 15 working days which I don’t believe also. I’m sure they’ll do whatever they can to not give me any money back as well as product I ordered.

Please, I would really apreciate it if anybody advises me where exactly I need to go to file a case against that thieves. I want to get full refund and also compensation for moral damages because a lot of my travel (I’m from different country, was working in TCS for around a year and now it’s time to see whole country before leaving it) depended on that camera which I didn’t get at all. I’m going to get it to the very end and hoping to close that business once and for all, for the future deceived buyers.
Currently I’m in Kolkata but I will be in Mumbai and Delhi quite soon so I can go to police or courts there if needed. In most other big cities I can also provide documents and ask my friends to deliver it to police if needed.

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