suffered because of their number recycle policy..

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Idea cellular

Dear sir/mam,
My name is Rajesh chaudhary, i want to file a complaint regarding an Idea number which has really changed my life and made it miserable, i had a postpaid corporate connection (9922440331) registered on my name and company name Cybage software pvt ltd Pune.i took this number last year around October, prior to that the same number was registered with some Pradeep singh from Nagpur which i came to know after using this number for a month and attending number of calls inquiring about Pradeep singh. but by that time i had distributed this number to many companies as i was looking out for change in my employment and hence couldn’t change this number and i took all those wrong numbers lightly, but later on i stared getting all the mobile alerts from banks and other other loan companies which was actually meant for Pradeep singh, but i was help less and was not having any other option other than talking to customer care, but they bluntly declined to stop those services , i urged them but they didn’t do anything, as the time moved i realized that This Pradeep singh is a criminal involved in many fraud cases as by that time i started getting all threat call in his behalf. i tried convincing the guys called me but they didn’t believe me in any way i was in constant touch in customer care but they didn’t even help me out a single time, later on i moved to Bangalore and i changed my number and just couple of days back i came to know that some body has leaked my itemized bill from Idea and the guys have started calling to the number there in my bill. and my relatives are getting threats , i called to customer care to ask about this but this time they gave me a shock saying your number doesn’t belongs to IDEA so we cant hep you. this company has made my life miserable and i want to go strongly against them i court. please advise.

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