Subscription not being honoured

Location/place: Mumbai, India

Name of company/service: Times Group Magazines

I paid for a 1 year subscription of Zig Wheels Racer magazine on Times Group website, in December 2011. The subscription was supposed to start from March 2012 and go on till February 2013.
I did not receive my March issue and I complained to Times Group. After 4-5 complaints, I finally received March issue in May. After further complaining, I received the April issue. But ever since I have not received a single issue (from May to July now), even after sending further complaint e-mails. I have just received assurances on phone and in e-mail, but no magazines. I do not even know where to complaint about this issue.

I just wish that Times Group is held responsible for such negligence. I have spent lot of time on phone and e-mail to get what I have already paid for, but I continued to be disappointed by a reputable publishing company such as Times Group (belonging to Bennett and Coleman). It is almost like cheating the customers by getting their money in advance and not honouring the subscription at all.

Manojkumar Jain

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