Subject: Rs 50,000 missing from my SB A/C at SBI Yelahanka New town Bangalore

Location/place: BANGALORE

Name of company/service: PERSONAL

I am having SB A/C at SBI Yelahanka new town Bangalore .Rs50, 000 is missing from my account. I have not drawn any amount from the A/C . All my transaction was through ATM or cheque.
I visited the bank for Balanance enquiry Suddenly bank manager told me that money was withdraw using Withdrawn challen on 12th Jan.
My specimen signature was not matching with Challen signature. My Photo & Specimen signature are with bank data base .Pass book was with my custody. i was working at my office located at Electric city from 8.30 am to till 8pm
Without checking any specimen sign & pass book, bank has issued Rs 50,000 to someone. I reported this compliant to Bank on 26th Feb 2011. Till now i have not received any positive response from SBI. Only one answer i am getting we are investigating (How long??). i am running behind the bank personnel from one month without any result
I need my money back to my account.
Usha E. B.
M No. 9448782556

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