Sub: Complaint about Air Tel (after Taking Security money Land line connection not provided)

Location/place: C, R Park, New Delhi-110019

Name of company/service: Air Tel

Dear Sir,

1.I have applied for 03 new Land line connection from Air Tel. 2.On 28 may 2018 Sales Executive from Air Tel Mr.Rajesh Sharma came to my office at B-277, C R Park New Delhi asked for Advance Security for Rs.2000/-I have paid the same to Mr. Rajesh Sharma.3. He has filled 03 Air Tel CEF forms vide Sl. Nos.3066611,3066621 & 3066622 and He has put stamp on our forms and shown Identity.
4.Til Date Air Tel could not provide me Land Line Connection.5. I have complaint three times for same to Air Tel but til today I could not provide connection nor I could got refund my money back of Rs. 2000/-.

Kindly take action for fraud and cheating me for above said complaint.

Thanking your’s Faithfully,

Shyam Singh Janmeda(9716189037)

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