Still Harassed by MTS

Location/place: Dwarka sec-16, New Delhi

Name of company/service: MTS- MBLAZE datacard

Hi, I am Michael Gourab Gomes (Mobile no.- 09873075324) again writing out a complaint for the 2nd time. In my previous complaint “Harassed by MTS” I received a response saying that I will get a call back, But I did not get any calls. Hense I am writing a fresh and updated complain.

I had bought a MTS datacard (MDN: 8459974559) on 19/04/12, but due to poor service and bandwith I descided to disconnet my connection. On 03/05/12 I paid my total outstanding bill of Rs. 330/- and requested the MTS customer care representative to disconnect my services, ( MTS request no.- r1247431656). Since then I discontinued using the MTS datacard, and have been using a datacard of another company. But, the MTS representatives continue to call and harass me every month to pay my bills, inspite of me telling them that I no longer use MTS, and that I have paid all my dues and that I have put in a request to disconnect my line months ago, so there is question of me paying any more than I already have. But to no avail. They are still refusing to disconnect my line and have sent me an outstanding bill of Rs. 1475/- on 20/07/2012.

Today again I received A bill of Rs. 1513.63/-. When I called the MTS CC pple, the customer care exe. and even their Supervisor very rudely informed me that I would have to go to their MTS retail store and disconnect their services from there. If I am supposed to get their services disconnected from the retailers then why was’nt I told about this in the 1st place, i.e. in the month of May 2012, when I 1st gave the request to disconect my line. They had to wait for full 4 months before telling me to go to the retailers. And why should I go to the retailers; when I started with MTS, I just called the MTS customer care exe. and they arranged everything for me, so why should I go to the retailers now that I want to disconnect the line. Also they kept saying that they had given me a call regarding this in my cell, and that their was no response, but I did not received any calls from the MTS pple. In the end the MTS Supervisor veru rudely told me to go to their retail store for disconnection and that I had to pay my bills no matter what, and disconnected the line.

I am requesting you to please help me in this matter as soon as possible.

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