Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Sterling Holidays

I had an extremely unpleasant experience with sterling holidays situated at Magnet Mall, Bhandup. It happened 2 weeks back, they made my wife fill a form with her details. Next day she got a call from Sterling holidays that she has been selected for their special scheme. Under that we were supposed to attend their 45min presentation at their Magnet Mall shop related their holidays plan. Offer also included 2N/3D free holiday voucher and a gift voucher. My wife received around 5-6 calls that day for confirming our visit. Last call in the evening was that maa’m we have already made login for you on those free vouchers so kindly must visit. Despite that being a weekday we managed to reach their shop at 8:30pm. There presentation lasted for 2 hrs. During the presentation they were boasting of their professional behavior, high quality services and were trying to prove themselves far superior to their competitors. They said we believe in word of mouth marketing and clients are god for us. By the end, they put a condition that if we like the plan then we have to make the part-payment now only. They were not ready to give us any time for homework (probably they were aware of bad reviews for them on internet).
The whole world changed when we said that we will not do the payment. Their attitude completely changed. Every one left from our desk. Manager (a French-cut guy with full attitude) was giving us look as we have done a crime. When no one came to us for 5min, we enquired what’s happening. The manager didn’t even bother to reply to us. All client servicing and professionalism gyan became meaningless for them. After that the representative (Ashfaq) who gave us presentation came to us and told that there is no free holiday and gift voucher and explained that as we have said no, that’s why everyone is behaving like that. They clearly shamelessly said u come later to collect it.
Later on we got call from Ashfaq saying sorry for the incident but the manager didn’t even bother to give a call. Ashfaq promised that coupons will be sent to home in 2 days. Again no response for 1 week. Then I contacted their back office guy (Imran), he also promised that things will be resolved in 2 days. Same no response for 4 days and when I contacted, he said he is on leave and I will get my coupons. They didn’t even understand that I am more concerned about my embarrassments and not for their free vouchers (they still think I will ever stay with my family in their resorts).
No courtesy, no professionalism, no sense of seriousness. Complete cheating behavior, attitude completely changes once u say no. irritating for full day and simply saying there is no coupon. I am a B.Tech/ MBA working with a large bank. Such behavior and they talk of word of mouth marketing. Promoters beware of these employees who are ruining ur reputation. I gave them complete 2 weeks to resolve this issue but their behaviors completely pissed me off. Definitely I will atleast try from my side that no one from my family, friends, batch mates, office collogues get into your trap to be embarrassed.

Satish mishra

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