Stay away from Daikin Inverter AC at all cost

I have purchased two Daikin Inverter AC in Oct 2015

The AC has break down a few times but repair cost was minor

Last week one AC stopped working. We tried calling Daikin customer care and gave them all mobile number we had and they refused to raise a call saying our mobile number is not registered

We called their local service center directly and they registered the call and came for inspection. On inspection they told that

1. compressor is damaged
2. Fan PCB is damaged
3. DC Fan Motor is damaged

So there is nothing left in the AC with 2 years of usage.

They said they will register a complaint to Daikin and get back. On further follow up they said we need to register with Daikin ourself. We tried calling again and this time Daikin guys found our number in their system but said we will need to pay visit and inspection charge again. I told them I already paid and your technician has already visited two times. Then they said we will raise and see what can be done. I am still waiting for them to take action. My exployees are suffering since many days and Daikin is not supporting even if compressor is in warranty. We purchased this high cost AC thinking it is good quality but it is the worst quality AC for very high price and not worth at all

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