State Vs Somvir Dat

Respected Sir,
This is to notify you that as per the enclose FIR No. 254/17 Somvir Vats got anticipatory bail against indulged in direct theft of Electricity and Mr. Sonu & Sanjay has got an allegation related to direct theft of Electricity. As on date Somvir Vats is not in town after getting bail (bail copy enclosed) and the person name Sonu & Sanjay both who were working as an employee at the parking area, which has been running by Somvir Vats has hot the charge of direct theft of Electricity which is the question of investigation.
Request you to kindly investigate in the matter as Sonu & Sanjay both were working at Somvir Vats’s place as an employee and both are not involved in any case of direct theft of Electricity.
Therefore, I request you to kindly lodge a FIR for above mentioned incident.

Your Sincerely

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  1. 10 months ago

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