Star Cricket ESPN package removed from package without notification

Location/place: Hadapsar, Pune

Name of company/service: Airtel Digital TV

My customer ID for Airtel Digital TV is 3011281597. I have taken new connetion on 5th Nov. 2012. In my base package of Rs. 275 The Star cricket -ESPN channels package is included.
Till 14th November, I was able to see the channels. But today 15 Nov suddenly when the India-England Series is going start i am not able to see the channels.
the error showing the channel not subscribed by you. please pay s. 50 for the same.
When i called customer executives are repeating the same thing you have to pay Rs. 50.
So this is the fruad case that suddeny wihout informing cutomer they have removed the channels from package though alraedy I have two months free subscription of chnnels.

I request to take action against the Airtel Digital TV & all the customers should be able to watch START cricket & ESPN without paying additional 50 Rs.
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