Standard Chartered Credit card Harassement

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: ABC

I got a credit card from Standard chartered bank in the year 2004. After 1 year I found they are not sending me my bills thru post.

When called customer care I found they are sending it to my email account which I never requested for.

I paid my outstanding and asked thm to close my A/c. they mentioned that I have some outstanding amount which is still left as that was due to the late fines.

I repaid everything again in NOV-DEC 2005 and asked customer to close my A/C. They took my request and gave me a conf no .

In 2011 Nov they emailed me with an amount sue notice for 42000…
I was shocked. They never gave me my transaction details. I am surprised as I already destroyed my card in 2005 then how come they got this amount of transaction where I did none.

Now they are caling me and harassing over phone.
I lost the conf no as I lost the cell where I stored that number.

Please suggest.

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