SRS Travels – Non pick up of Passenger

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: SRS Travels

This is to bring to your notice the ugly incident that happened on 23rd October to me.
i had booked a ticket of your Travels through “redbus” for travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad vide the following details :

Redbus ticket No. TEB358622627
PNR No. TS-RB2375723/2228950.
Seat no. : 26,
Boarding point : Yelahanka
Departure time : 11.15 pm

the details of the incident are as follows :

i was waiting at the boarding point since 10.00 pm. At around 11.30 i notice an SRS Travels bus (Volvo A/c Multi axle Bus) speeding away without stopping at the bus stop. I got a doubt if that was the bus that i was to board, so i called up your office at around 11.35 to the number 9980524699. i was told that the Bus which i was supposed to board had started late and would reach the spot in another 5 to 10 minutes. i waited and waited but no bus turned up. From 11.45 pm onwards i tried calling this number to check the status but no one bothered to answer my calls. i made about 6 calls which were unanswered. Again at around 12.15 pm some one lifted the phone and when i explained the situation, i am told that he would call up the bus Driver and let me know where he is in 5 minutes time.This was the end of response. i again continuously made about 7 calls every 5 minutes to check what happened but as usual no one picked the phone. Now it was clear that i was cheated by SRS Travels. I waited till 2.00 pm at the bus stand but neither there was a response from SRS office nor did any SRS Bus turn up. Buses of all other travels were stopping there to collect their respective passengers but there was no vacancy and hence my journey got cancelled for the night.

i missed my journey and finally had to travel the next day in KSTRC Bus.

Being a booking through redbus, i found no cancellation of ticket possible which means that apart from being cheated by way of loss of one day, i had lost the ticket fare also.

this kind of passenger treatment is not expected from such a reputed Travels.

i have sent this complaint by mail to SS Travels but there was no response.

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