Spice is harmful./ 9980980184

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Spice Hot Spot Outlet in Marathahalli

My e-mail ID: [email protected]
Ph.: 9980980184

On 20th May i planned to buy a BB phone from Spice Hot Spot Outlet in Marathahalli, while transacting the money (Cost of the phone) from my Credit Card the store owner said the money was not transacted because of network problem, on second attempt the card showed “card blocked” message. I didn’t make any purchase from Spice provided that i was charged money from my credit card. I called up my bank (Citi Bank) and they confirmed the transaction has taken place provided the store manager Alam refused the same. Making several calls to Alam he promised to take this matter with the sales team and said he has e-mailed them the issue. After two days since i had spoken to Alam i did not get any response from their sales team, on 30 May 2012 i wrote Spice sales team for Bangalore and sought there attention to this issue. since then its been over a month now that i am dealing with their false promises and excuses to resolve the issue, i have a series of e-mail exchange with them and no resolution, as result of that fraud transaction and first denying that they didn’t receive the money, my credit card is running on negative balance and i am paying interest for the money which i didn’t transact for any goods from spice outlet, i have been calling my bank and Spice people for help. i could not have them help me as they not willing to provide any solution i really tired and feel helpless as no body would listen to my problem. Please help me!!

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