Sony Cargo-Liars and Frauds

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Sony Cargo Movers and Packers

I had booked a consignment with Sony Cargo packers and movers in Bangalore for transportation of my household items from Bangalore to Mumbai. As discussed over the phone they agreed for Rs. 7500 and said I have to do 50% payment in advance. They also said that my consignment will be delivered within 2 days.Two people came on Sunday 06/04/2013 and packed all my household articles. After packing they told me about taxes that I had to pay and for insurance money etc. I was okay with it as this was mandatory(they said). Then they said I have to make 100% of the payment in advance and assured me that things will be fine and reach within time. They also said this time that it might take three instead of two days to reach. Although I was not okay with it but I had to agree as they had already packed my items.Before leaving they took Rs. 500 as tip. Then they left, alas my items have not reached till date. I call them up everyday just to listen that it will be reaching within 2-3 hours. They have been carrying the lie everyday. I had to suffer a lot because of these people. I had left my old guesthouse and shifted to my new apartment however I was made to stay like a nomad there. I had taken and wasted my office leaves because of them. When asked why were they lying they said ‘business me thoda bohot jhoot to chalta hai'(lies re permissible in business). They also said that they are going to refund the loss I had to bear but everything was telephonic, so finally I had to record the telephonic conversation.I begged them to tell the truth but in vain. I think this guys are a scam and there is no packers and movers business. Why would some give them them ISO certification when they lie you on your face and gives no justification and when most of the phone numbers in their website are wrong. They are neither ready to pay me the amount back nor my items.I don’t know how I am carrying on with the mental harassment that I am facing. I don’t know what to do next.

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