Sonu sing and his company is an scam they r cheating on people

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Merchant Payment Services India Inc.

I have lost money as i was going to start an online pc tech support business in Delhi NCR. was fully set-up & was now lacking a payment gateway(merchant account) to process credit cards online. I got in touch with Ravish Pal Singh Pahuga on the phone as he claimed to be providing payment gateway to PC tech support companies. i submitted my Pvt Ltd company documents & 2 lakh rupees for acquiring payment gateway as he promised me it in 15 working days. i was waiting for the same & now it has been over 2 months & i haven’t got anything from him. I called him & he said we have stopped giving paymant gateway & i asked for a refund & he told me to talk to his manager Sonu Singh( amarjeet singh). he is so unprofessional & unethical , i just want to put a bullet into his chest. He was talking to me in such a wrong tone & asked me to wait & said to me to do whatever i can do if i will not wait. I asked for how much time, he didn’t replied. Now both of the are not answering my calls. I have now decide to go legal against them . I have already hired a advocate for this. & i have the emails & recorded call & courier from them which i will put in the court & i will drag them to court & will put n end to their scam company. Ravish Singh scam fruaud guy & Sonu Singh or Amarjet Singh is his boss as the scam artist & they are running Merchant Payment Services India INC the biggest fraud company in India. I have already suffered a lot & that is why i am submitting this compalint so that my fellow running the same business shouldn’t suffer in future.Be alert against Ravish Singh scam fruaud guy & Sonu Singh or Amarjet Singh & their scam company Merchant Payment Services India INC\” the biggest fraud company in India\”…..

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  1. 8 years ago

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