Somebody doing fraud work on behalf of “MAX LIFE INSURANCE”

Somebody doing fraud work on behalf of “MAX LIFE INSURANCE”, I have given complaint to “MAX LIFE INSURANCE” also.,

The complaint is, Preeti Sachdeva, Raman Bhatia, Palak Sharma, Amit chauhan (contact No.: + 91 9350571538 & +91 11 30001080 / 1072) doing fraud work from Delhi, they gave me a call on 3rd May 2014 and explained the policy with the name of “MAX LIFE INSURANCE” and they told me to do the document process and they also told me that we will make your bond paper withing 15 days and will dispatch soon, so on trust basis on “M L I” I did the document process and gave the Cheque of Rs. 17,000 in favor pf “CLUB MAX” (Cheque No. 003163, Name – Kamlesh Patidar, date – 3rd May 2014 Axis bank, Kala Nagar, Mumbai, cheque cleared on 7th May 2014), now they are not giving any proper response, every day I call them but they don’t receive the call, if they receive the call then they tell me that we will dispatch the bond paper today evening, same thing they are telling me since last 30 days, still I didn’t get any bond paper or official document from them, so I felt that they are not MAX LIFE INSURANCE, I called to “M L I” also and explained the situation so “M L I” told me that this type of information is not related to us somebody doing fraud work with you, so definitely they are fraud people, so please help me to get my money back and keep out this fraud things from India, because they are doing fraud work with the name of “M L I”

Please find the attached acknowledgment receipt given by the form collecting guy

You can contact the fraud persons on above mentioned numbers and confirm whether they are really doing policies for “M L I” or doing fraud work and keep my email as on priority because it harm for “M L I” and for me also

You can contact me any time for further discussions on my No. +91 7666961745

Request you to kindly help me to get my money back, it will be great help from you if you do the same

Thanks & Regards,

Kamlesh Patidar
Contact no. (Personal) : +91-7666961745

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