Sold me a defective samsung s3 phone

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Samsung

I purchased the much hyped Samsung – S3, but had to reach out Samsung service center within 10 days of purchase. 2 days after repair, I again faced same issue and hence I contacted CEO’s desk. Upon their say I again dropped my phone at the service center and then they gave me back after 2 days. But I faced the same problem on the same day. When I again mailed to CEO’s desk, they ask me again to submit at service center. If it was a different problem it is understandable to give it to service center, but it is a repeated one.
It was a huge waste of time, energy, money and my concentration. I missed a lot of important calls. I am thoroughly disappointed with their response, as well regret the purchase.

Could I please get suggestion, how to get my money back.

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