Sold Defective HID Lights of Philips Company

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: M/S UNIQUE CAR, !22/1A, SAROJINI NAGAR, KANPUR ( U. P. )

I Purchased HID Light of Philips Company from UNIQUE CAR,122/1A, SAROJINI NAGAR, KANPUR on 07.01.2012. for Rs 8500.00. At the time of fitting of lights at Lucknow, it was found that both ballastrs were not working.The same were returned to the supplier and receipt taken on the back of voucher.When enquired personally at his shop,he said that he received only one ballaster and demanded Rs 500.00 as courier charges for replacement of defective ballaster. I refused to accept one ballaster in place of two. I gave him a written complaint and informed him that I will go to consumer court if two fresh ballasters not returned to me.In reply to above letter he has denied that he ever sold light to me.

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