Snapdeal not accepting return for a miss shipment.

With regarding to order id 25687394267
Order name-humser 24v 250w electric bicycle kit.
I ordered this product worth 8475 on 1st of Jan.
On 6th of Jan i got a message that product has reached indore and will be delivered soon.
Surprisingly on that evening the product got delivered.
I didn’t even got a call from the delivery person so that i can have a open delivery for satisfactory confirmation.
I gone through all my texts message but didn’t got the delivery boy mobile number.
I placed a return request but it was cancelled automatically.
I contacted snapdeal thorough email and in that reply they said that in my account they found some transactions that do not pass their internal check.

Now what the surprising thing is…
It was my first ever order on snapdeal so how do they found other transaction.?
Firstly the worst thing about snapdeal is you can’t contact them to their customer executive through call.
You will just keep on pressing digits to enter this option that option..
Again and again i contacted them through email but got the same reply every time.
That they found transaction on my account that do not pass internal checks.
I mean what kind of internal checks?
Make it clear that it was my first ever order.

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