Shrestha Holidays a Nepalese Companies Cheating Indians in India

Location/place: Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore & from many places

Name of company/service: From Different Companies & background

Dear Sir, Recently a group of around 40 persons using Shrestha Holidays left Delhi on 26 June and reeached Kathamandu. After Reaching Kathamandu we were discarded and asked more money so we lodged complanint with Nepal Poline. Irrirated they picked up and dumpled at Kodari Nepal China Border. shrestha Holidays has cheats right from Delhi to Nepal to Tibet with all dubious character of looting Innconet Indians. Govt should these kind of Nepal Based Companies doing bCheating Business in the name opf religion and affect Indians Faith. They make Journey like that for Animal hered in a Shed & carrier. Mr. R K PRADHAN, President has shaby character so is Mr. GAUTAM and theitr supe cheat followers like SWARNA G in Delhi. These people sho erosy pictures and then make them sufffers inthe hands of Chinese guide after looting their 50% cut and loweing package. Only with the Help of Nepal Police we could be saved otherwise these Chaetas asked 5000 Per person in NMepal extra otherwise they will cancel tour. We have seen many groups lying at Nepal China Borders, crying helplessly cheated by such goons. As the people are from all over India we were charged inadvance from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 110000 per person for the same package. We could know only after we met each other. Govt should take action agains goons like RK PRADHAN, GAUTAM and SWARNA G. RK PRADHAN should not be allowed to enter India and their India operation should be forcebly closed.

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