Show without tickets

Location/place: Matunga

Name of company/service: Movie time cinemas

Would like to relate an incident that happened at a cinema hall in Mahim named “Movie Time Cinema which is at Matunga.(Previously known as Starcity)

We called movie time at around 8:p.m to check on the timings of the next show and were told there was a movie at 10p.m. and we could come at around 9:30p.m to purchase tickets .To our amazement when we reached at 9:30 to buy tickets , the person at the counter mentioned that there was a problem with the computer and he could not issue tickets to us. We all waited till 10:00 p.m. till the show was about to start and then noticed that a man at the entrance was just accepting money from people who had come to watch the movie , but not issuing tickets to them .

My family and I thought that this could be a racket of mishandling money in this cinema hall. We left the premises immediately and thought it a waste of time but to take this matter up, so that people are not cheated in the future. With computers these days every one wants to follow the trend, but at certain places where one requires an entry card, you need to keep a manual sheet as well cause incase there is a problem with the computer we do have a back-up on the manual sheet to issue tickets which are not yet sold out.

We found this very irritating and most of the public giving into this kind of a racket .We would like to complain about Movie time Cinema formerly know at Starcity at Matunga and see that action is taken about the same. Whatever the problem be, tickets need to be issued. People could have booked tickets online. What if the show is crowded how does one allot seats to the public. Request severe action to be taken against this Cinema hall and see that going forward there are alternate means for issuing tickets and the public does not have to suffer and all illegal means can be stopped in such places.

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