ShopClues is a Doing Fraud Activities !!!

Location/place: Cuttack

Name of company/service:

I used to shop online since a long time. I have ordered many products before from Now, i find shopclues is starting Fraud activities. Recently I ordered 2 items :

Order No. 4010457
I ordered the item on 2nd June 2013. Then after 2 days, they send me the Courier Detail ( with Tracking No. 69006834875). Then I started checking the status on, it displayed as “Wrong Tracking ID” since last 10 days. Today suddenly Everything changed, when I find the status in SHOPCLUES.COM . It changed from “shipped” to “Undelivered and returned to Origin”. When I call the CC of ShopClues, instead of enquiring the exact thing, they told me that we will refund you the money.. Its totally Horrible ??? Why I will reserve my money to such Idiots…

Now the 2nd story started with Order No. 4098117 which I ordered on 6th June 2013. It is showing the status as “Processing – Pickup Initiated ” since 5 days, when I queried the same from shopclues CC, they Hold me for 16 minutes, then we started conversion, but all in vein. They are making me fool by saying that we will resolve your problem very soon. At that time My phone Balance ended and I had to stop conversion. I am confused how a Online Merchant Did not have any TOLL FREE number???

Anyway I am extremely irritated over their Service… Please resolve my issue..

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