Location/place: Panvel

Name of company/service: perfect cargo movers and packers

Subject: complaint against shipping of my luggage by Perfect Cargo Packers and Movers.
I booked my house hold luggage through Perfect cargo Packers and Movers for shipping from Panvel (Navi Mumbai) to Talbehat (Distt Lalitpur U.P.).

They charged for transport, unpacking and packing, loading unloading for which I paid in advance. But I am not satisfied by the service they provided to me due to the following reasons:

1. They took my luggage from my house on 18th May2012 and delivery date they gave me was 24th May 2012.
2. When I did not receive my goods, I tried to contact them on phone.

3. Normally, they did not respond me on my calls. When I called 50 to 60 times a day then they picked up the phone but did not give any satisfactory answer.

4. Lastly when I was fed up and asked continuously then they told that they have send the luggage through Gati and I will receive it soon but they did not give me the docket number even after a number of calls.

5. Finally I went to Gati office at Lucknow, and from there they asked for docket number by which I came to know that my luggage was sent on 26th May2012 from Panvel which was already beyond my receiving date.

6. After so many efforts, I received my goods delivery on 5th June 2012.

7. When I received my luggage no one came for unloading and unpacking as they charged for it.

8. I told them about it, and they said to arrange myself for unloading and unpacking and pay for it . They asked my account number to credit the amount for unloading and unpacking as well as lost items in my account.

9. I gave my account number and detail of payment through SMS and confirmed that they received it. But they did not credit any amount till now.

10. Also I found that some of the items were not in the condition as they were packed at my house in Panvel.

11. I found that my racks and tables are opened and repacked.

12. Also one item containing three tables pack is divided into two and made as two items and my one luggage item which consists of two mattress was missing.

13. The legs of the tables and screws and nuts of racks are missing. Also the leg of chair was broken.

14. I wrote on the receipt paper about my luggage condition and missing items.

15. Then I contacted them on phone and asked about it then they said that it may be in their godown, don’t worry it will be sent as soon as possible.

16. Next day I called them again and asked about my missing item then they asked me to contact after 2 more days.

17. After 2 days when I called them they did not picked my phone and most of the time they disconnected my calls.

18. After this, whenever I contacted them they used abusive language to me. i.e. to a female customer.

19. The phone numbers on which I called are 09329172800 and 09833035350. Mr Atul rceeived the calls and used such language.

20. My Docket number is 488312190 by which I received the luggage.

21. The company perfect cargo movers and packers has got ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co. and their registration number is 1781775. The owner is Mr S. K. Puniya and the address of Panvel Branch is:
S. K. Puniya
H.O.: 101, plot No.92,
Behind Sai Guest House, Near APMC Police Station,
Navi Mumbai – 400705
Tel :0223282800, 02227668964, 09320172800
e-mail [email protected]

copy to:
[email protected]
[email protected]

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