Shabby roads in Mogappair west, Aishwaryam

Location/place: Mogappair,Chennai

Name of company/service: Indian Citizen

Hello Ladies & Gentleman, This is so nice to see the people’s voice and concerns in such forums. Even though I do not live in Chennai and I live in US, but I bought a piece of property in Nolambur near DABCC and I hear you all what you say. I was there last year 2011 and I saw the pathetic condition those roads are and how there is no proper access to people who live in Aishwaryam, DABCC, Fomra etc.. I did see that there was an MLA’s house near one corner which was the only road that is accessible for all incoming and outgoing traffic. Wow! It is such a pathetic scene there. It was brought to my attention by my association that we have no proper roads, and I actually drafted a letter to the authorities, unfortunately it did not get any response from my own association. The only way that we can have proper roads or proper access to any infrastructure is by having these guys who are so called authorities be responsible citizens of our country who would like to do good for the country and the state. I was terrified with the traffic everywhere in Chennai and I could not drive and left the car at home and took a taxi to go to Spencers or any other place. It is safer for someone else driving rather than you driving and that is how Chennai has become now. But, yes, everyone who are here asking the same questions as me, I am not sure what the answer is. The government of tamilnadu is just there to come every 5 years and each one griping about each others achievements. This is Politics and this is how our country will be until proper well educated citizens who care of their country takes the responsibility and the people’s mindset changes in our country and specially Tamilnadu. We as the Citizens of our country is the only people who can change it and nobody else can change it. There has to be a revolution specially in Tamilnadu to get these Gundas out of power and have good responsible citizens ruling the state who wants to see the state and the country to be in a better shape and prosperous nation. They are there only to swindle money and put in their Swizz bank accounts and also buy properties. These guys in the government are not going to do anything for the country or the state. I did see that the Central government is doing a wonderful job by building roads and infrastructure and making sure that our countries vision of 2020 is achieved. I am happy that the Central Government cares at least to an extent for the people’s welfare than the state government. It is sad, but unfortunately, that is the what you get for electing cinema actors and actresses and bring them to power. We should have good responsible young educated Citizens who have a vision and care for our state and country to be the leaders to remove all these kinds of corruption, red tapes, and also vision and someone who works for the state and the country with integrity and honesty. I hope you will all elect the next leaders in a proper way who cares and who does good job. But, politics has become a money making business and not a community service or service to the nation. The reason why I left the country 20 years back is because, I was paying my taxes and I had no proper roads or proper infrastructure. This is what has happened to those of us who left and settled elsewhere. But, I love my country but the mindset of the politicians are sick. Do good for the country and the people and uplift the people. If they do that, they will be blessed with lots of money and blessings from god, instead they do not want to do that. Sorry, I became emotional, as I cannot see good at all. We take 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward.

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