servicing issue

Location/place: dehradun, uttranchal

Name of company/service: HTC

i hv given ma cell phone to service center for reprinng of touch screen n os update on 07/06/2012, but till now i havent got ma phone back or any satisfying answer from that side, that when my cell is coming back,, its more then one month, n on d very first day i ws told that ma cell will come back in 15 days…
i m going to service center every week, but they r not responding,everytime i go to service centre they say that they havent received any details about my cell, so plz come next week,
n one more thing,day before yesterday i ws going to d service center n while going i met wid an accident n got hurt, now how will i go there again n again…
plz help me out….

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