Services Barred

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Airtel

I have taken airtel dongel about a month and half and have taken a plan for 6 gb 950 rs unlimited and they have barred my services stating that my credit limit is only 800 rs and it has exceeded the limit and i tried to argue stating that my plan is 6 gb and it is still not completed and they stated that it will be activated and i have mentioned that i take online classes and need for the class and they confired me 4 hours time on 20th april 11 am and still today my services are not activated and this happens almost every week and for the class i have paid and i have missed my class and i am incurring the loss for about 30k and they asked me to call help line no and help line rep asks me to call 121 and when called 121 customer care they have asked me to go to relation ship center and have wasted approxmatily 8 hours of time for me also for which i was supposed to be spending for my study and i was not able to concentrate on my studeis and was busy calling them and was over the phone to settle the matter however my dongel didnt get activated.

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