Service Related Issues

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Tata Photon+


This is Sanchari Mukherjee,a tata photon service holder for almost a year now,photon no:9231093189 and since the last 5 days I have been facing huge issues regarding my speed.Everytime I want to connect to the internet I am getting some error msg or the other like error 628,or error 724 and what not.I have also not been able to pay your photon bill for this month as the website doesnot take me tlo that page where the payment can get processed.I have complained numerous times to customer service by calling the no:1800266121,but of no use.I have been complaining since the past 5 days from the 29th of June and my complaint nos are:315610917,315727403 and also there is probably a 3rd complaint but I donot have the no for that. I got a call from the technical team when I was not available in my house to check the internet speed,so I told the tecnical team rep who called that I will go home and contact them,but he closed the complaint whereas I didnot mention anything regarding closing the complaint.I spoke to the sup named Abir Chakroborty but nothing changed.Secondly I repeatedly kept on telling the customer care people to make a note on my complaint to ask the tech team to contact me anyday but before 3pm and on the 2nd of July I specifically mentioned that I would definitley need a call back before 1pm and not after that,but still the tech dept tried to reach me at around 4:15pm to 4:30pm when I was obviously not available as I was in a retail store underground. I again called on the 3rd of July and asked them that why I was not contacted by the tech team on the preferred time when I spoke to the supervisor Zafar Iqbal Ansari,who I felt was a little sensinle and understood my problem genuinely and has definitely done some followup on the complaints as a result of which I am getting a difference in the speed from the 5th of July.But I would still say that the speed is quite slow and not the same as it was before.At the time when I was facing slow speed the speed was about 39-45kbps but now on the 5th of July at 7:06am when I am testing my speed it has increased to 391kbps of download and 175kbps of upload speed.I am really upset with the kind of service I have received from photon in these days as this is not expected of a brand like TATA.I have had a very very tough time with the customer care people as well.On the 5th of July at 7:15am I called customer care and looked for Zafar(sup) but I was told by 2 reps both Deepak and Ashish that no sups are available and they just cannot transfer my call to them,but I had not at all called for any complaint I had simply called to appreciate Zafar as I have noticed a considerable improvement in the speed.But your reps again gave me another chance to complain.I have not yet come out of one complaint where another crops up.I would really like to bring this forward that my speed issue is still not sorted out yet and I have been given a maximum time till the 12th July.I had also sent emails and complaints to their complaint dept and nothing has changed.I am tired and I really donot know whether it is going to be of any use keeping the services or not.I had also called consecutively on the 8th and the 9th of July and my call was answered by Vashisht Majumdar and Zafar Iqbal Ansari,and I was also informed that I will get a call back within the next 24 hrs regarding this issue but no one called me.When I call the customer service team they just have no answer regarding this issue at all.I am getting touch with Consumer Forum online hoping that there will be some resolution provided after things are escalated because the kind of customer service I have received from Tata Photon is simply unacceptable and disgusting.Their attitude towards customers is like “It is my way or the highway” and that is completely unacceptable.The last person spoken to from Photon was Kanta Singh who had also told me that I will get a call back from them within the nex 24 hrs but I am for sure not getting any call back.Requesting an urgent step to be taken as I am continuosly paying for my service without any resolution or help.Can I know whether as a customer I have a minimum right to get proper service from a company to whom I regularly make payments to or not?

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