Service Purchased & Asking for Refund without any Fault

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Web Services

[email protected] is completely trying to make us fool when you came to know that additional jobs are payable. Now, after we have hosted the complete portal as per our commitments & your acceptance after verification of a real DEMO & Features, you are trying to create unnecessary issues blaming on us with invalid reason. Even you are saying now you don’t know what are the basics of a computer after ordering an online portal which we need to teach you. Even when we have asked what are the things you need to know – our tech were ready to help you but you are really confused about the thing because your primary motive was to get your illogical demand after wasting our effort / time / money after availing the service which is absolutely impossible for any service provider.

Now, we have forwarded the issue to our legal department & they carry out the issue as per their convenient.

[email protected] is a FRAUD & FAKE PERSON

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