Service problem

Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: Samsung Mobile

I bought a samsung galaxy I59801 In November 2010 and after using for just 7 months i got a sound problem.Then i take my phone to samsung service center and they kept my phone and asked me to come after 5 days and when i went there after 5 days to take my phone then also the phone was not working properly and the problem was not solved.

Then they told me to take the phone next week as there is some other problem and when i asked that when i will get my phone back they simply said next week you will get it.
When i asked them to give me this in writing they simply denied.

The samsumg guys there don’t know how to talk with customers.
I think this will be the last time i am buying a product of samsung.

Please help me in getting my phone back.

Deepak Gulati
India Today Group

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