service of the Airtel DTH customer care

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Airtel

Dear Sir/Madam at the Consumer Court,

My Airtel DTH Customer ID is 3008483069.

I am totally Harass by pathetic service of the Airtel DTH customer care, I complain with customer care on 19th June’12 for relocation and install new Airtel DTH Dish with antenna at my current location and as per customer care center i will charge for this Rs.600/- which include all installation charges and my complain will resolve within 48 hours but when Airtel dealer call me for confirmation of location and charges he said i will charge for same Rs. 975/- total then i again check with customer care for charges they said you will chg. Rs.475/- include all things like DTH Dish , 10 Miter wire , 2 connecter, antenna and Rs.100/- chg. For engineer’s installation cost, and next day 21st June when i check with customer care no.040-44448080 they said my previous complaint is resolve in there system and i need to re complain for same thing, i said ok please do and give me fast service they said my complaint will resolve by 23rd June , 2012 @ 3:30 PM approx time, then i got a call from Om telecome the lady Shena said you will chg. Rs. 200 for engineer installation cost and rest of Airtel will deduct from your account and the guy (engineer will close your complaint by Sunday 24th June ’12 @ 12 PM but no body came and resolve the issue i called the agency no. But no body pick my phone today 24th June’12 and i again call to customer care they said as per timing my complaint is resolve already but i said my complain is same and no body came @ my location and check my area , they guy Wasim @ customer care executive said i need to raise a new request and ask him to please forward the call to your seniors he forwards it but no body pick my call , again i call customer care but no responce call transfer to seniors but no response and disconnect my call again and again.

I instantly got an sms about the transaction with my id details: My Customer ID is 3008483069 i will chg. Rs.600 /- which will deduct my account and i need to erecharge the same ,After their promise of getting it installed in 48 hours, its already more than 100 hours(5th day) and no sign of these airtel morons at my place. I have tried calling customer care no. O40-4448080 today 24th June’12 at least a 30 times. But these idiots at customer care hang-up the phone. I have already ask him number of times but I have received only a standard reply that they will get back to me. I have already lost my patience… I hope the sr. mgt of airtel are aware of these nincompoops sitting there at the DTH customer care centre. This is a scam… Airtel DTH guys are luring the people to pay online for the DTH service with tall claims of their products and once the payment is done they wash their hands off! In this modern era, how on earth, such a big branded company like Airtel, take the customers for a ride?? They simply cannot loot the customers’ hard earned money and runaway! How can the government allow them to have such a freehand in looting??
Hence Sir/ Madam, I wish to take the Airtel DTH to the consumer court and seek not just my refund but adequate compensation for the mental torture, harassment at the hands of unprofessional customer service executives.

If this does not get materials here, I will go to the real court of law and file a suit against Airtel DTH. Please help!


Deepak Kumar

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