Service of micromax is extremely poor

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: Micromax mobile india

I have given my MicroMax mobile for repair 20 days back in Noida. I was facing display problem in the phone.
Service centre (satguru communications – sec 22, noida) is constantly providing me future dates. every time i call them, they say its not ready yet and please call us after 2 days
last friday i called them they said phone will be ready by evening.
and in evening they said phone will be radu by monday
on monday they said phone will be ready by wednesday. today on wednesday i called them and they are saying they have not received new display from main delhi service centre – so they will not be able to deliver it before a week.
whats is this.
this service centre and company is not ready to service the phone within warranty. they only repair pones out of warranty to earn money

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