Service of a Doctor and Hospital Stuff in Hiranandani Hospital

Location/place: Powai, Mumbai

Name of company/service: Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai

I made an appointment with gynecologist Dr Anita Soni at Hiranandani Hospital on June 7th, 2012 at 2:20 PM. On the scheduled day and time, when we arrived to visit the doctor, it was told to us by hospital stuff Ms Ujjwala that we need to wait around an hour because doctor arrived late in the hospital.

After waiting around 1.5 hours, we were called around 3:45 PM to visit the doctor. Currently my wife is carrying for 2 months and she was already feeling sick by then after that long wait. Once we entered into the room, the doctor without asking the problem of the patient started asking questions on her own and asked my wife to lie down for check up. After saying that, she suddenly for disappeared from the chamber and not back even for next 15 minutes.

Looking the weakness of my wife, when I came out of the chamber to enquire about the situation, I came to know that the doctor has gone to check up another patient in another room making use waiting. Listening to that, when I asked Ms Ujjawala for the reason, she responded with epitome of her attitude that this is quite expected and I should not complain about it. Even when I said that you have already made us wait for 1.5 hours, my wife is not at all feeling good, why can’t you look into the matter. Her response to that was that hospital cannot vouch for any better services and such issue should be addressed by the doctor.

Another 10 minutes passed away, when the doctor came back and she started talking with even more attitude that this is the norm of this profession and the patient should not have any right to complain about this. Finally even she said that if I’m not ok with her services I can leave without checking up my wife and the visiting fee will not be refunded.

Due to the long waiting, ambience and the argument all together made my wife even sicker and we had a great trouble on bringing her back home. While coming out of the hospital, I heard lot of other patients are also agreeing with me on the services and arrogance level of the doctor and the particular support stuff.

My request to consumer forum to please look into the issue and atleast help lot of people like us from getting such a sub-standard, unpleasant services even after paying a considerable amount of remuneration.

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