service not provided after payment received

Location/place: Jaipur

Name of company/service:,cc avenues

I applied for premium resume writing servive through made a payment of 5865 INR to naukri.During online transaction through IVRS, amount was deducted two times from my icici account 035801510030.I did complaint regarding the problem to icici bank they told that the amount will be refund within one week.But while contacted again they told that you have to lodge a complaint and then only they will proceed.On further investigation bank fpund that both the debited amount has been accepted by CC avenues and the same has been accepted by bank asked for chargeback from Naukri.then executive contacted me and asked for mail regarding continution of service and mail to [email protected] for payment and refund of second amount back in my account.But after that icici bank informed while contacted that your issue has been closed from their side by saying that the naukri accepetd only one amount and did not take second amount but that second amount is still not transferred in my account.Also not providing any service which was promised during selling of their product.

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  1. 9 years ago

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